10 September 2011


            Ramadhan is the greatest month in Islam calender.For me, Ramadhan is the best and greatest month but every was changes.From 5 years old till 17 years old i'm fasting and i'll Iftar with my family but this year i'm breaking fast with my friends.Sometimes i feel alone and sad because i'm breaking fast without my parents and my lovely siblings.At first Ramadhan, I feel like empty because everything must do it byself.All i do like buying food, washing clothes and sometimes i will ask my friends to join together.
            Every night of ramadhan, my friends and i go to mosque to do 'solat terawih'.From 8.30 to 10.30 and after 'solat terawih' my friends and i also read al-quran, I'll spend my time at mosque.After finished my prayer, some of mosque management will buy and bring some food and drinks.It is for supper.After that, i'll go back to my room with my roommate.
            Ramadhan has a lot activity can do.Our routine same as usual but our kpm management has given an extra activity.For example, some motivater come to our college to give a speech about ramadhan benefit.The motivater teach us how to manage our time wisely.Then some of kpm student semester one must joint war game that we called 'perang badar' at taman botani.This war game actually test our mental and fizikal but at the same time we all can be more friendly with others and friends.
            In the middle of ramadhan, KPM management send a team to perfomed at melaka mall.This presentation actually want to remind muslim people about islam especially ramadhan.We decide to wearing same clothes and same colour.
            final week of ramadhan, I had mid-year examination.Some of my paper harder but i'm already finished my studies. I hope my mid-term  exam was good and excellent.Last day of ramadhan,my classmate and our teachers breaking fast together at restaurant berkat salam.I'm so happy because last of ramadhan we all eat together, enjoying the food and talking about raya...

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